Friday, March 11, 2011

This Weeks Coupon Deals

We had a snow storm on Wednesday so I did not go shopping until Thursday.  Here are the deals

Walgreens is having a deep clearance in their frozen foods.  I got Red Barons single pizzas $.97, Hot Pocket Calzones $.75, Sherbert $.62, M&M ice cream $.75 a pint, Starbucks pint $1.29, Dove single ice cream bar $.50 and Edy's sugar free round $1.59.  All were excellent price and I didn't have any coupons.  I also bought some more of the Nexxus but this time shampoo.  I shopped earlier this week and picked up the conditioner.  The deal is buy one and get the second half off.  It's not the best deal, but it's the best I have come across in a while.  Love Nexxus.  I found Scotch Sealing Tape 100ft roll regular price $5.99 but on clearance $1.49...  great price.

Walmart I price matched Festival Ad for Starkist light tuna can's 3 for $.99 limit 6.  And gallon of milk $.98.  I also bought asparagus $2.39 a pound.  Cantaloupe $1.50 each..  last time I bought one from Walmart it was delicious.  I haven't cut this one open yet.  And they had grapes for $.99 a pound.

Then I went over to Festival Foods Store brand Lasagna noodles $.88, Prego Spag Sauce $.98 limit one of each of these with in ad coupon.  6 of the Starkist tuna for $.99/3, another gallon of milk $.98 and store brand frozen peas $.68 each with ad coupon.  Fresh mushrooms $.69 with mailer coupon.  I didn't have any manufacturer coupons.  Saved $15 and spent $13.

I did not shop at Pick n Save because there wasn't anything I wanted and double coupon days are only Wednesday and Saturday. 

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