Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Snow Storm

Another year with a big March snow storm.  We had 10+ inch of heavy wet snow.  The storm started yesterday morning with sleet/snow then it turned to rain and then last night it turned to heavy sleet.  We had thunder and lightning through the night.  I had to set my alarm on my blackberry because the power would go off for few second every so often.  It was messing up the alarm clock.  I kind of thought there would be no school today which there wasn't.  However my son had to be up for work.  It seems as the snow has stopped but now it's blowing around.  Usually March snow melts the same day or the next but from what the weather people are saying it's gonna be here for awhile!  Man!!

 This is my father inlaw who lives next door cleaning out our driveway with our skidster. My husband was up north fishing.  It's usually a 3 hour drive.  Well he left 6 hours ago and he is still not home.  The route he takes to get home had up to 18 inches of snow.  Before this storm we didn't have any snow on the ground..  Do you see the snow that stuck to the window?  I'm sick of this weather!

So I didn't do my shopping today.  I might go tomorrow..  We'll see.  I did do a puzzle yesterday and I started another one today.

Has any one seen spring lately??

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