Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday HP Printer

When I got up this morning at 3:30, I checked the Best Buy website and the printer was the BF price so I bought it online.  I have a Premier Silver card so I get free shipping on everything.  So I went ahead and bought it online and I bought the ink.  If you bought the printer and the ink you received $10 off the ink.  I thought I would be taking a chance if I waited to buy it at the store, plus the lines at Best Buy are the worst.  Anyway we did do all our other shopping and we decided to stop at BB anyway because they had movies and TV seasons on sale.  Well they still had the printer at 8:30!!!  I bet they had 20 or so.  Man I hope my online order doesn't get canceled...  I will be one mad BB shopper!!

Anywho I didn't buy a whole lot besides Walgreen's.  I bought a couple movies (St Nick gifts), yeah even in their teens St Nick still comes!  I also got the micro mini card at Target.  Which has 50 free music downloads.  The downloads are at emusic, I'll let you know how that goes!!  I also bought the 3 piece rug set at Menard's.  The big rug is a giant 5'x7' and a 20"x60" and 20"x20", all 3 are bundled together for $19.99.  Menard's had 30 pk batteries for $1.99 a pk after Menards rebate!!!  Limit of 2, so I got 2!!!

That's about it.  Not a huge trip, but I got what I wanted...  keeping my figures crossed on the printer!!   And saved some money...  that's what it's all about!!

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