Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Coupon Savings

These are the free items from today's shopping trip.
This is whats in the picture, 4 packages of Small Steps Napkins and 3 packages of Texas Toast Croutons.  These were free!!  The napkins were 2/$4 and I had 4 coupons for $2 off so free!! And the croutons were on sale for $1 each, I had $.50 coupons that were doubled.... free!!  My overall savings today with coupons was $102.89 and I spent out of pocket $64.11.  I'm also working on the Nabisco $10 rebate too, so I will be getting a $10 rebate back too.   The $64 total had Walmart added in it, so there were items besides grocery items.  Not bad!

One of the deals I wanted to talk about a little  was the Chef Michael's dog food.  I bought the small bags priced at $3.99 a bag and I had $3 off one bag coupons.  That really helped at the double coupon store.  My total added up quickly with the $3.99 and then when they took off the $3 coupons it brought the total down fast.  At my double coupon store I have to spend $25 before coupons to that I can double my 5 coupons up to $1.  So this really helps get to the $25!!  I made 3 separate trips to this store so that I double more coupons.  But all is worth it!!  In the end I got 6 bags of dog food for $.99 each!!  Henry and Shelby both love Chef Michael's so I mix it with their better dog food. 

I can't wait for more deals next week.

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