Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah May Retire

I hope she does what is best herself.  I know there are many that depend on her for a living.  I just hope for her she retires to relax.  This doesn't mean she has to disappear from the public's eye.  What I would enjoy from her is a living blog that becomes a weekly evening show.  I would love to see her day filmed, I don't need to see what see looks like the moment she gets up and know what she has for breakfast.  I'm interested in the personal contact she has with every day people.  How she deals with their issues off stage.  Also how she can put together all her charitable work and how she decides whats next in her life.  I wonder what really makes her laugh and what make her happy.  If she doe retire, I hope she can relax and enjoy her life as her own.  The funny thing is when I think of Oprah the first thing I think of is her weight control.  I don't think of her present weight but that she has always had weight issues.  I think these issues has been more hers then the what the public is thinking of her.   This is a sad thing because Opah has been so involved in charitable causes, I wish that would be the first thing I would think of when I think of her.  I will always believe in Oprah and cheer her on in everything she does.  I wish her the best of luck in her next adventure.

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