Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ebay Search Service Not Working

RANT...Ebay searching function wasn't working yesterday.  I'm not happy about this! I have 30 things listed on ebay.  I need as many people looking, buying and adding my items to their watched list as I can.  Yesterday many people were xmas shopping online.  I wanted to be found.  However eBay's search function wasn't working during the entire day yesterday.  This is very upsetting.  E bay is saying "sorry".  Well this eBay glitch kept 30 of my items that are up for sale and auction hidden from potential buyers for 12 hours.  That's like Walmart closing the doors for 12 hours during the day.  Walmart would never let that happen, heads would roll.  But from eBay the sellers and buyers get "sorry".    I understand technical issue, however eBay tried to hide the fact that the search function was not working.  As a seller I expect eBay to notify me of technical issues, but they didn't contact me.  E bay has all my contact numbers and email.  Why did they try to hide the fact that this happened?  I can't stand it when a company acts like they can't reach you when you have given them all your contact numbers!!  You can't sign up for anything without giving our phone numbers and email address's however they only use things when they are selling something.  Not when there is a problem.  Hiding a problem rarely ever works!!  I'm done ranting...  Since all is working over at ebay I'm going to move on...  but it still stings!!

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