Friday, November 13, 2009

Kelloggs/Keebler Deal at Piggly Wiggly

This week The Piggly Wiggly has buy 8 Keebler, Sunshine or Kelloggs products they are $1.29 each.  So I bought: 4 Kelloggs Cereals, 2 Townhouse Crackers and 2 PopTarts 12ct.  Used 5 $1 off coupons, which means I only spent $5 for all 8 items.  I could have done better if I had more coupons.  I didn't have any coupons for the Townhouse Crackers and a couple of the coupons I used were $1 off 2 products.  However I only paid about 60¢ each, which is great for these pricey grocery items.  I already donated 2 boxes of the cereal.  Hopefully I can find a few more coupons before the sale ends Nov 18. 

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