Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Henry

The photo on the blog is now of our dog Henry. Henry came to live with us 2 years ago. He is precious! He was almost a year old when he came to us. He was fully train and boy is he trained. He knows exactly how to get whatever he wants. He is the best beggar ever. His breed is called Havanese. I don't know if he is a pure bred, but it doesn't matter!! He just loves everyone, especially other dogs and kids. Well we have a bunch of both here. My kids have many friends that come to visit (being that I'm home during the day and weeknights.. we have lots of kids in and out) and with Shelby (our other 80 lb outside dog) and my mom's dog Ford, visits often. He has lots of fun!!! Here is a picture of Henry and Ford

So Ok Henry is on the left and Ford is on the right... Do you see it.. Henry Ford!! And yes Henry came with that name!! My parents had Ford for 9 years... So just so you know...I didn't do it!!! But very cute for a family that only drives and collects Ford vehicles. Oh and you are probably asking what breed is Ford. Well he's a toy Pomeranian with a hair cut. Henry had just got a cut too!

Remember to stop back to read about Henry, Ford and Shelby's antic's... you never know what those three might do next!!

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