Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chrome Wire Shelving

On Friday Menards had 5 tiered chrome wire shelving on a special 3 day sale $29.99.  I bought 4.  Saturday I put them together.  Early fall I had bought 3 of these from Aldis for $39.99 the shelves were that about the same size (smaller by 3 inches deep).  But the shelves I bought at Aldis are much heavier, they can hold more weight. 

So I knew how to put them together and it really didn't take a lot of time.  About 20 minutes per unit.

Bought 4 of them!

It looks more difficult then what it really is.  No tools needed.
This is the part that scared him..
Cowardly!!  Those metal pipes make scary sounds.

Finished.  The shelves are adjustable.  I love these!!  These 4 units hold my inventory for my store.  The other 3 that I bought in fall hold my ebay stuff. 

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