Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Pick n Save Coffee Mate Caramel Apple and Sugar & Spice were clearanced for $1.07 and I used $1/2 from the Sunday inserts. (I had bought many extra coupons from couponkutters weeks ago knowing that these would be discounted greatly after Christmas)  Yoplait whips $.50 and used $.40/6 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Finish Dishwasher Cleaner $3.74 and used $1/1 coupon that I received when I bought the dishwasher.  Campbells Chunky Soup $1.25 and I used $1/2 catalina coupon from a few weeks ago.  Prego Sauce $1.50 and used $.50/2.  All the high value coupons were doubled.  I spent $14 and saved $32.

Walmart priced matched Festival Foods milk $1.48.  I need tin foil and baby carrots.

And you can read about my Menards trip below.  Thats all the shopping I did yesterday because I have a terrible stiff neck and shoulder.  I have not been doing much except reading my book and blogs with my heating pad.  It's finally better today.  I will be shopping again tomorrow...

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