Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reminder to Clean Out Your Coupon Binder

Yesterday I cleaned out my coupon binder....  Every nook and cranny of the binder was cleaned out.  All the coupons were removed and the expiration date checked.  If the coupon was expired it ended up here
So many great coupons that went unused and expired!  Sales and the coupons just didn't match up for these coupons.  Just can't use them all!  Hate that!  Oh well, there will be more coupons to print from coupons.com and smartsource and redplum and of course from the Sunday inserts.  

In the front of my binder I have an accordion type folder which looks like this

This area is where I keep and organized coupons from restaurants.  There were tons of coupons in there that were expired.  See how clean it is.  However the only place I can eat that I have a coupon for is Pizza Hut!!  LOL.  I also keep in this area coupons that I print from Gordmans, Mall store and Kohls coupons and codes. 
I removed about 20 pages from my binder that were empty, so now my binder is half it's size and much lighter.  Thats a love hate thing too because it's so empty I don't have many coupons to shop with!
So many years I had a small coupon accordion envelope to keep my coupons in.  It just didn't work as well as my binder.  With the binder I can see every coupon clearly.  No coupons get "lost" like in the envelope.  I would be so upset when I cleaned out my envelope to find coupons expired that I had forgotten about.  I would go to so much trouble collecting and trying to file these coupons only to have the envelope so full that it was hard to locate the coupon.  So many miss filed.  The envelope file thing just doesn't work as well for me as the binder method.
I also keep all my receipts through the year, basket looked like this
Today the basket has 6 receipts in it.  Years ago when refunds were popular and everywhere I got in the habit to save my receipts.  Well I still have that habit.  I think if I would keep my receipts for a month instead of a year when be fine.  Ok my first resolution to not keep my receipts for longer then a month, just in case there is a refund or I have to return an item.    Lets see if I can keep it.  Maybe 6 months would be more realistic LOL!

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