Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Weeks Coupon Deals & Purina Carvers Review

Walmart have these on Christmas clearance
Yummy soft (like dinner mints) Candy Canes $.22 each.  My daughter made the card on left for me.  The photo of the Christmas Balls in a basket was part of our Christmas Decor this year.  She took the photo and make the card in Photography class she is taking this semester.  Talent.

Anyhoo.  I also picked up M&M's for $.62.  Walmart has nothing but candy left for their Christmas clearance.  Olay 2 bars are regular price of $2.48 and I used a $2 coupon that was in the P&G Sunday inserts a few weekends ago. 

Festival Foods had their Christmas candy on clearance.  Rolo's for $1.50 no coupon.  Store brand chili beans $.48 each, store brand spaghetti noodles $.48, store brand pasta sauce $.68, bag of chicken breasts $3.98, half gallon of chocolate milk $.88 and store brand wheat bread $.49 with in ad coupons.  They also had bakery bread $.99 on sale.  Spent $15 saved $18

Pick N Save 10 Knorr side dishes $1 each and used a in ad coupon for $5 off a deli chicken when you bought the 10 side dishes.  So $.99 for a deli chicken.  6 Breadsticks on sale for $.99.  They had these
on clearance for $1.49 each.  I had 3 coupons for $1.50 off one page of Purina Carvers that were expiring that DAY!! Yeah!!  I could use them to get 3 packages free!!  O...K... your saying... you get free things all the time.  Yeah I do, but these are the dogs VERY favorite treat of all time.  They love these.  When you open the bag they actually smell like human food!!  My dogs would lay down and die for these!!  OK..  they would lay down and play dead!!  LOL!  I hope they are not discontinuing these because my dogs will be heart broken.  Hope it's just Pick N Save that will just stop carrying them.
Anyhoo...  I also bought Freshlike frozen vegetables on sale for $1 on sale and used $1/2 doubled so free.  Store brand cheese on sale for $.99.  Ronzoni pasta $1 each and used a coupon I printed from either or smartsource can't remember which site.  But the coupon was for $1/2 and it was doubled so free.  Palermo Pizza's are $6.99 each is regular price but they are buy one and get one free this week.  Plus they have $1/1 coupons on the shelf for these so I used 2 and they were doubled.  So I got both pizza's for $2.99... nice!!  Spent $22 saved $38.

Then  I stopped at Office Max.  I needed colored ink and they had a paper bag in the Sunday paper for 20% anything you can fit into the bag (however they don't use the bag, they recycle them.. very strange idea not to actually use them) but any way I bought my ink and did a run through the store for clearance.  Check out what I found on clearance..

No not the clock or the metal leaf.  Its the Mustang computer mouse!!  I loved it.  I had to have it.  I rarely do an impulse purchase like this.  It was on clearance for $20, down from $29.99.  I put it in the bag so I got 20% off.  I had a gift card from a Max Reward a few months ago on ink.  Plus I had some Max Rewards from turning in ink cartridges and points.  So the ink and the car didn't cost me anything out of pocket!  Now I have to take the computer apart to hook up my new Ford Mustang GT!!!  So excited! 

So that's it for this week!

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