Monday, January 3, 2011

My First Shopping Trip of 2011

Today was the first chance I had to go shopping.  The only items I bought at 75% was Karo syrup $.74 and I used $.75 coupons, so free.  The coupons were from the Sunday inserts.  And I bought Jet Marshmallow fluff $.39 each.  No coupons for those and these deals were at Walgreens.  Also at Walgreens they have Finish 20 pack of dishwasher tabs for $3.49 and I used $2.25 coupon from the paper yesterday plus I got a $1.50 Register Reward. 

I stopped at Target, their Christmas stuff was 75% off but there was nothing I wanted.  Mostly candy (lots and lots of candy canes..  didn't think there were that many to start with..LOL), stockings, dog clothes, bows and a few ornaments.    I did buy 2 more towels.  They were $2.09 the last time I was there and now they are $1.48 each.  These towels are not that thick nor big, but they are great extra towels.    Anyway there was nothing worth coming back for the 90% off Christmas.

Walmart didn't have much left either for Christmas clearance.  Only candy and a few dog clothes.  That's it!!  I guess I was just to late.  Which is fine.  I just don't need any more Christmas stuff.  I took down the Christmas tree and decor..  my storage area is full.  Did buy a gallon of milk for $.99 with a price match from Piggly Wiggly.  Also bought lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. No big sales, just needed those items.

I stopped at Piggly Wiggly picked up a $.99 gallon of milk with their in ad coupon.  Also bought frozen deli pizza for $2 after on item coupon.  Brown and Serve $.69 limit of 2, Food Club buns $.79 each, Food Club cheese $.99 Limit of 4 and Capri Sun 10 package $.99 after web coupon.

I stopped at the library to pick up American Pickers season one that I had on hold.  I can't wait to watch it.

Also stopped at Verizon. I was not happy about my bill, Nicci's phone has 400 texts for $7.99 but she went over in a big way again...  So I had unlimited texting on her phone.  She needs to get a job to start paying for her phone.  It's funny how she can check to see how many she was using but she didn't.  We have 10 My Circle numbers and she wasn't keeping it up dated.  It was a very unhappy day yesterday when I saw the online bill!!!

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