Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharper Image Ereader Literati

This week Kohls has the Sharper Image  Literati Ereader on sale for $69.99!!  This is a deal!  Plus if you buy online you can use LOVE2SAVE30 and you will get 30% if you use your Kohl's charge card.  If you spend $75 you can get free shipping.  Here is the link   I have not bought one of these.  But I was very tempted.  I just don't read enough to justify having one of these.  When or if I get the time to read more I will be buying an ereader for sure. 
The Sharper Image Literati 7-in. eReader

The reviews I have read is when using the wifi it will eat the batteries.. only 2 hour battery life, but if you turn the wifi off the batteries will last for 6 hours.  There was talk about the colors being off a little, most didn't seem that bothered by it.  There is no instructions that come with it, but easily found online.  However the biggest thing you must buy or get the books from Kobo.  I really don't like that part.  I have been downloading free books off of Amazon.  You can download them so I can read them off my PC.  I don't know if moving the books from my PC to a memory card then put in the Literati would work??  If it did then I would consider it.  I would love to be able to swap ebook downloads with friends and be able to get ebooks from the library.  So what type of ereader would work best for me?  Another draw back with the Literati is the screen is only 7 inches and it's not a touch screen.  So I'm thinking this is not for me.  I wonder if a ipad would be better for me??

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