Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

Oooh I just read this book... 

Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews.  It's a good book.  This is about a young woman in her 20's that was a lawyer working as a lobbyist in DC.  She works for a man that is much older then her who takes advantage of her ( and not in the usually way).  In turn her career is over, broke, can't find a job and the FBI want to talk to her.  She turns to her father who sends her to a small town in Georgia to fix up and sell a family mansion.  However the mansion hasn't been taken care of in about 50 years and needs a total make over.  She takes over the make over and learns of a lot of DIY projects she never would have thought of doing when she had her career in DC.  She finds confidence no one would have thought she had in her and falls in love with more then this little town.  Good read.

I have never read a book by Mary Kay Andrews before, but I will be requesting more titles from  her at the library!

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I listened to this book on tape on our last vacation. Loved it. Have since checked out more of her books from the library.