Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentine Wreath, Makeover & Shelby

Yes I spent some time with my glue gun, first time this new year.  I made over a Valentines Wreath and made a new one. 
This is the Wreath I made about 15 years ago
It was very pretty at the time, but the ribbon is wearing out and I really wanted to make a Christmas bulb Valentine wreath. so here is it
I took the old flowers and ribbons off and added white garland, pink and red balls.  I like it, however I think it lost the heart shape.  Oh well.

Shelby was watching everything I was doing.  

I had Valentine garland so I took a small foam wreath shape and I wrapped the garland around the wreath.  When I wrapped the garland a bunch of the hearts fell off so I took those glue them to 3 white balls.  Then I took the small white Christmas balls and tied them to some ribbon and then tied that to the wreath.  Isn't is cute.  I like it better then the other one that I made today. 

Shelby agrees

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