Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Walmart, I price matched Festival Foods Ad: Gallon Chocolate milk $1.88, Ruffles chips (my favorite I'm glad these don't go on sale often) for $1.98 from the Menards ad.  Pick n Save has Goldfish crackers $.98.  Walmart has lettuce for $.50 each this is the second week.  They also had green grapes for $.75 a pound so I made the Grape Cream  Cheese salad that I made for Christmas.  OM carving board chicken $2.26 and I had $1 off coupon from the Sunday inserts. 

I stopped by the Piggly Wiggly again because they have their new ad out.  Scored some good deals there.  Campbells Chunky soap $.99 limit 4 I used $1/4 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Doritos are $1.99.  Hunts pudding, Indian Summer applesauce, Pillsbury brownies and cake and Tony's personal pizzas for $1 each however their deal is if you buy 11 of these items mix or match you will get them for $10.  To thats $.90 plus I had coupons for the Tony's and Pillsbury brownies from the Sunday inserts.  So I got even more off.  Old Orchard juice $.99 and I used $1/1 coupons that were from a in store coupon booklet... so free!!  I spent $22 but saved $33.

Pick n Save I made 3 trips.  Trip one Starkist Tuna pouches $1and used $1/2 coupons doubled that I found in a in store coupon book before Christmas.  Starbucks frappuccino $5.49 and I used $1/1 doubled from the Sunday inserts.  Sour cream $.88 with in store coupons.   Pedigree 17 lb of dog food $8.68 on clearance and there was a $3 off coupon on the bag..  Great deal 5 bucks for 17 pounds of dog food. I spend $13 and saved $26.
Trip 2 Hot Pockets were $1.98 and I used $1/3 coupons doubled from a in store coupon booklet I found before Christmas.  Log Cabin Syrup $3.29 and I used $1/1 coupon doubled from  Starbucks Frappuccino $5.49 and used $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Another sour cream for $.88.  Gold Fish $.99 with in ad coupon.  Oh and the best deal.  I wish I would have had more coupons.  Cover Girl foundation regular price $13.99 was on clearance 75% off so it was $3.50 each and lipstick for $1.35.  I had $1/1 and $2.50/2 coupons.  Very great deal.  Spent $18 and saved $42.
Trip 3 Starkist tuna again and more goldfish. Ken's dressing on sale $1.50 used $1/1 coupon doubled from the Sunday inserts. New York Croutons $1/1 and I used $.50 coupon doubled form the Sunday inserts. 
Then they had a great bulk pork sale.  I bought 18 pounds of pork chops for $1.19 a pound or $20!  When I go them home I divided them up into packages of 6 and I got 5 packages.  Great deal!!!!

Thats it for this week shopping.

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