Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deer Drive Wii Game

I bought this game for my husband after Christmas last year, as a gift for this year.  It was 50% off then.  I gave it to him on Christmas eve.  We play it right away. We had so much fun trying to figure it out to play and then it was a challenge to shoot one single animal!!  We laughed so loud that we had  Ford and Henry barking which got Shelby in the garage barking and howling.  We were so loud, we are so lucky we live in the country and don't have close neighbors because I think they would have had issues with how loud we were.  There was only 7 people but you'd think there was a much larger crowd. 

It's been  10 days and I'm the only one still playing it.  They all gave up before they even got to the 20th round.  I'm on 29th round, man is that level hard.  I can't get past it.  I have been working on it for 2 day.  It's so addicting.  I'll let you know when I've mastered the game! 

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