Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Getting to Know Me

1. Where is your cell phone: My Krzr is sitting on the coffee table
2. Your hair:Light brown in the winter and dark blond in the summer.  I don't dye it, no need, no gray.  It is thin and annoyingly straight.. 
3. Your mother: Lives 3/4 of mile away
4. Your father: Father is in heaven.
5. Your favorite food: Scallops
6. Your dream from last night: I don’t remember

7. Your favorite drink: Decaf with flavored creamer
8. Your dream/goal: find my talent, better myself.
9. What room are you in: Living Room
10. What is your hobby:Rummage sales, old cars, Car shows, gardening, computers, selling stuff online, refunding/couponing, finding the best deal on everything, my dogs, reading, puzzles, Movies, Music, fishing, crafts and updating my home
11. What is your fear: Heights
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: I would love to be a grandma by then and doing the exact same things I'm doing now.. Hoping I will have time to do everything I want.

13. Where were you last night: in the same place I am right now... still healing
14. Something you are not: No talent for writing, but still like doing it!!
15. Muffins: blueberry
16. Wish List items: new living room furniture, new refrigerator and painted oven door. Lots of misc items.
17. Where did you grow up: Right here in Kaukauna Wi
18. Last thing you did: made lemon aid
19. What are you wearing: loose dress pants and a top
20. Your TV: Big flat panel in the living room.  Old big screen in the basement, mid size flat panel in my bedroom and old TV's in each of the kids rooms.  Right now the only TV that is turned on is in the living room and it's a repeat of 90210
21. Your pets: 2 Dogs.. Henry who is 2 and his breed is Havanese.  The other is Shelby who is Husky, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix, she is 5 years old.

22. Your friends: Gwen, she and has been my best friend for many many years..  we should be have been sisters.  I'm very close to my mom we could be best friends.  I have many other friends my circle.
23. Your life: It's good, there is very very little I would change.  More money would be good, however how would that change everything and everyone... would it be worth it??? 
24. Your mood: looking up
25. Missing someone:  My dad!
26. Vehicle: 2001 Food Windstar (winter driver) and 1969 Mustang Convertible (Summer Driver)
27. Something you're not wearing: shoes
28. Your favorite store: right now – the thrift stores..Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards & Joann Fabric
29. Your favorite color: Black, I know it's not a color, but I love it.
30. When's the last time you laughed: about an hour ago when the house was full of teenagers!!
31. When's the last time you cried: last week
32. Your best friend: Gwen
33. One place you could go over and over again: All Ford National Car Show in Carlisle PA.  
34. One person who emails me regularly: my Grandma
35. Favorite place to eat? my kitchen, because it's open 24 hours

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