Thursday, April 1, 2010

San Marco Chaise

This is my new chaise Signature Design by Ashley®<br/>San Marco ChaiseMom and I saw this chair on Tuesday and I loved it.  The store didn't have any in stock.  We since my doctor is in Green Bay and I knew there was a store there.  I called there last night to see if they had them in store.  And yes they did.  So after the doctors appointment we stopped there and picked one up.  It's is awesome.  It looks great and it is so comfy!!!!!  I love it.  It's mine, mine, mine.  I have every few things I can call just mine.  Well my computer and this chaise that's it that I call just mine.  Everything that should be just mine seems to open season for everyone else that lives in this house.  Except of course the mop, no one else touches that!!!!   I'm not going to share this chair with anyone, except maybe Henry.  There is plenty of room for me and Henry!!   I will be able to recover in my new chaise.  This is my very early birthday present from my mom.  Let me tell you this is the best birthday present ever!! 

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