Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Henry & Carwash

Yesterday I took Henry to a new groomer.  I didn't take a photo, but he was stinky and a little matted.  His hair was the longest its ever been.  But this is him now
I know he looks stoned here, the flash was really bright for him.  He's not used to the light because his eyes were covered with hair.
He is now smelling good, he is clean and his fur is white.  The groomer blew his fur out and now his hair is actually straight!  Very cool.

I stopped at the carwash yesterday my van was very dirty.  I went through and stopped at home.  I was totally shocked to see how dirty my van was yet.  When I went back to town to pick up Henry from the groomer I stopped at the carwash hoping to get a number to call and complain.  But I got lucky the owner was there and he sent me through again for free.  It did come clean that time... I was very lucky and happy.   However today the weather is crap and my van is dirty again. 

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