Friday, November 19, 2010

Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Last night Nicci and I rang the bell for Salvation Army.  I intended on taking a photo and guess what... I forgot.  Man, I have a phone with a great camera why can't I remember to use it???  Anyway this is the first time we did this.  It was fun, Nicci and I talked about everything and all the people were really nice.  No bad comments or people that even ignored us.   We said hello and goodbye to everyone as they came and went.  We stopped ringing the bell when someone gave money.  Everyone was so nice.  We noticed that men leave more money then women.  This is interesting and we thing it's because men don't shop as much as women.  This might be the only time they will be never a bell ringer all season.  When women go to multi stores every day and we think they spred out the money to all kettles.  This is what I do I give a hand full of chain to every kettle.  I know I probably give way more then I would just give one time.  But that's ok what I don't know won't hurt me..  right?  Yeah it's a good cause.   

I always wanted to be a bell ringer but I never really knew how to go about it.  Well a few weeks ago Nicci said she needed to volunteer for something as a requirement for religion class.  Years ago the class used to spring and fall clean elderly people that belong to our church.  But they don't do that any more.  So we needed something outside of church.  The timing was perfect because the website was up and taking reservations for dates and times.  So I signed up... very easy to do.  If you have 2 spare hours, it's great.  Oh we did "our time" at Walgreens.  We were between the doors so it was kind of warm.  There was plenty of traffic and really nice people.

Tomorrow is Green Bay's holiday parade...  I can't believe it. One week from today is black Friday.  Time is just flying by.

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