Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White WII Bundle at Target

Last years version of the Wii System bundle at Target is on Clearance for $139!!!!!  Amazing plus you can print the $20 off coupon from the Target website   The difference between last year and this year is actually the bundle the system is the exact same.  But the controller doesn't have the rumble pack and you only get one game I think it's wii sport.  Plus you don't get a choice of colors.  But it's still a great great deal.  My mom bought the kids one last year so we already have one.  Boy if I only had someone on my list that could use one. 

Target also has the Guitar Hero bundle on sale for $75!!  Use $10 off coupon from the Target Website  great deal.  Walmart will have it for the same price on Black Friday but they don't have the coupon and they won't accept a competitors coupon either. 

Target has 40# bags of Pedigree dog food for $19.99 I use a $1 coupon printed from one of the coupon sites.  Then Target gave me a $5 gift card.  Great deal 40# of dog food for $14.  NICE.

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