Saturday, November 6, 2010

Office Max

On October 26 I placed an order at for 2 XL ink cartridges.  My total was $73 which was enough for their deal to get a $15 gift card free with my order and free shipping.  To my surprise my order came delivered to my house in less then 24 hours.  I was impressed.  However I was extremely busy so I dropped the package by my computer unopened.  When I did have time to open it I realized I did not get the gift card with my order.  So instead of calling the number on the receipt I brought it to the store thinking I would get quick service.  Oh no...  I was told at the store they have no knowledge of what deals they have online.  Oh really this deal was advertised in their flier, but they have no idea what the deal is!!  Ok so I stood at the service desk and called the number on the receipt and the nice woman that answered the phone, told me the gift cards are being mail separately.  Really?  Why did it not say that on the receipt or on the website when I placed my order???  Why is the gift card not mailed with the rest of the order??  She couldn't tell me, she did say that most of her phone calls were from customers wondering where their card gift were?  Why would Office Max do this to themselves and their customers.  Wouldn't have it been easier if they would have it stated when placing the order and on the receipt that the gift cards would be mailed separately?  I was not happy about the time I had put in to finding out where my money was.  Yesterday, 10 days after the order was placed I did actually receive the gift card.  I will think twice on placing another order like this one.  Why do you ask because as a customer I have to remember that it's coming separate on my own.  They could easily just not send it or be "lost in the mail" and I would be out the money.  The gift card was the incentive to buy my ink from them.  Other wise I could have easily bought the same ink $2 cheaper at Walmart. 

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