Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Menards Deals

I stopped at Menards.  They had a 3 rug set for $19.99 after rebate and I bought a new detail sander for $19.99 after rebate.  Microfiber throw for $9.99, it's so soft.  The deals are really happening before Black Friday.  I bought a few things from Best Buy yesterday.  Since I'm a Silver Premier Card Holder I could purchase some of the Black Friday deals already yesterday for a limit time and I receive free shipping because I'm a SP card holder.  I looked at their cheap HP laptops, but guess what??  They were sold out, who would have guessed.  But I did buy some other things, not from the Black Friday sale...  just on sale. 

Buy.com has free shipping on most things.  So I bought an item there

I bought 2 things from walmart.com that aren't available at the store.  They also have free shipping.  And not just to the store these items are shipped free to my house.

Plus I went through mypoints.com when I shopped Best Buy because they are giving 4 points per $.  I went through www.swagbucks.com for my purchases from Buy.com and Walmart.com they give 2 points per $ and  because Swagbucks $5 GC for Amazon costs less points then a $10 GC for Target from My Points.  These are the gift cards I buy however where ever you favorite GC costs the least is where you should go through to make your purchases.

So far most of the items I bought so far as gifts were bought online.

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