Thursday, November 18, 2010

Late Late at Night by Rick Springfield

I finally finished it last night.  It was ok, seemed long, but full of content.  I don't know if that makes sense to you..  maybe I can put it this way.  It was full of information page after page, but I couldn't wait to get to the end.  There were huge gaps in time.  One chapter was 3 years and the kids suddenly were grown up and moved out of the house.  They went from being very little to in their mid twenties and nothing in between.  Now I understand how children might not want their lives told in their parents book.  But a comment here or there to make sure they were still alive would have been nice.  His wife B or Barbara was mentioned throughout the book.  Any way this is it...

This book is about a soap star slash rocker from the early 80's.  His wife  is a saint for putting up with his numerous affairs.  I was surprised to read about the number of CD's he has recorded and released.  I only knew about 3 of them.  He has recorded at least 12 of them over the years.. news to me.  I'm not surprised by the many sexual encounters, drinking and even the drug use.  I'm glad to read that he didn't need rehab to get these issues under control.  The depression was a big surprise and he didn't have years of therapy to keep it in check.  As a teenager he tried to hang himself.  I'm glad the rope broke and he survived.  I only wish at that time he would have gotten help.  But he did seek doctors help but only many years later.  Over all the book is good and I know more about his love for all dogs then his children.  If you remember Jessie's Girl and Dr Noah Drake you should read this book.

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