Sunday, February 7, 2010

All About Nicci Day

My Daughter had her first All About Nicci Day!!  She had been dying to go to the mall for a long time.  I don't like the mall.  I rarely go there, maybe I will go to the anchor stores a few times a year.  Away, she had money from selling her Bratz collection on ebay, before Christmas.  So off we went, first we stopped at Shopko because I wanted to get some non slip seat cushions for the island chairs.  The old ones won't go with the new colors of the kitchen.  Shopko is the only place I could find them.  Anyway, we left there and stopped at the Library to pick up some DVD's that were on hold.  Then off to Pluto's Closet, she got 6 tops there.  Then to the mall.  Stopped at Claire's to get some much needed earrings.  Then Hot Topic, Hollister, Aeropostal, Build a Bear and few other stores.  She was in heaven.  Then we stopped at Burger King, she loves the original chicken sandwich.  Yeah, we still weren't done.  We then stopped at Gordman's and picked up a top that has glitter!  One thing I absolutely hate is glitter, too messy in the house.  But it was All About Nicci Day, so yeah, she got it.  Then to Goodwill to get jeans.  Most jeans are $5.99 or $8.99 including name brands so that is where we go for her jeans.  She got 2 pairs, just what she wanted.  And finally home!!   She thanked me over and over again.  Which I know she appreciated the day.  She still has some money left which is going in the bank.  Yup she is like me, a saver and careful shopper.  This is how she spend her money.  I made a deal with her that I would split the cost of everything.  So she didn't spend all her money on what ever then want me to buy her a $30 sweatshirt.  This way she looked for the deals on everything because she was spending her money too.  She stretched her money as far as it could go.  I worked great, very proud of her.  We do something very similar when I take her rummaging.  I give her $5 and that's it.  She spends it as she pleases and when it's gone it's gone.  She can't ask for more and she can not complain that she is bored because she doesn't have any more money.  This way there is no pouting about money and an unpleasant day.  We always have fun when we rummage sale and shop because it is always clear how much she can spend!!  Neither of my kids, when they were young ever had tantrums when we shopped.  They always got a little something and it was made clear that was it.  And it wasn't a big toy, my son sometimes would get a Match Car, but that was a rare thing.  My regular plan was they could pick like pudding at the grocery store for later or department store shopping it was a ride on one of the toys in the front of store or fruit snacks and they were happy shopping kids!!  I'm so glad their behavior has carried on to their teens.  Makes shopping so much easier and pleasurable!   Anyway I got off the subject.  We were only home a for short time and my husband came home from fishing and we left again.  It was time to look for a new TV for the living room.  All the deals on TV's made it hard to not buy a new one right now!!!  Or course the All About Nicci Day did not stop.  We stopped at Rocky Rocco's first.  She had never been there.  She wanted to stop there for about a year, well since it opened.  So we stopped there and she got her Super Slice, which she couldn't finish!!!  But she loved it and then off to Best Buy to pick a TV.  It took 2 hours to decide and she was a saint.  Not one complaint, but she wanted a new TV in the living room.  Plus the old big screen will go in the basement for the game consoles!!  She loved that idea!!  So her All About Nicci Day ended about 9:00 last night.  She had 13 hours of All About Her Day!!  I hope she savored it because she never have another day like that again!!   I will blog about the TV later today... I have to leave for work soon and I don't plan on watching the Super Bowl later!!!

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