Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitchen Floor is done

The kitchen floor tile is installed and looks great.  No issues...  all went perfect.  The fumes were not good.  Yesterday I went in the basement to clean up and get away from the smell and hubby came down there to varnish the woodwork.  Man that didn't smell good either. Just couldn't get away from the smell.  This usually doesn't bother me to much, however I have a cold.  The smell is not helping.  I did get a lot done in the basement yesterday, but it was a challenge with all the decor from the kitchen and living room is in totes down there.  These totes have been down there since I decorated for Christmas.  I have so many things I use to decorate for Christmas I take all the regular decor out of the kitchen and living room.  I knew that I was doing the remodel so I didn't put any of my decor back when I put the Christmas decor away.

This morning hubby, number one son and I put all the appliances and kitchen furniture back, plus took everything out of the living room.  There is living room stuff everywhere... basement, garage, bedrooms and kitchen.  The bathroom is the only place there isn't living room stuff!!!  Hubby pulled up the old carpet and I pulled all the staples out of the old pad.  That was something I have never done before.  Very interesting job, I probably would have liked that job but with this cold, I just didn't feel like crawling around on the floor with a screwdriver and pliers!!!  But I did.  When hubby got the carpet pulled up and outside he left for a weekend fishing trip.  Yup you heard that right, he is leaving me and the son here to put all the furniture back after the carpet is installed tomorrow.  I really hate moving things over the new tile.  I'm so afraid of scratching it!!  When he told me he was leaving for this trip a few weeks ago he said that he was leaving on Friday.  That wouldn't be a problem.  Well early this week the guys he is going with changed the leave date to today.  Man.  Now I'm totally in charge.  I guess I should be able to handle watching the carpet installers LOL!!  But putting all the furniture back bothers me I don't want anything bad to happen to the floor..  I won't be picking up the new TV until hubby gets back.  I can hook up the new TV by myself, but the old big screen is still upstairs.  I could probably get some of my sons friends to move it downstairs, but what if something bad happens.  I hate trying to explain bad things that happen when he's not home.  He's thrilled when things get done when he's gone on trips, but when something bad happens we are all responsible!!!   Grr.  Don't get me wrong my hubby doesn't get mad easily.  This would not be one of those things that would get him mad, but he would be disappointed me.  I don't want to disappoint him, just like I don't want to be disappointed by him.

Monday the Quartz installer came and took the island counter top back to their shop.  Yesterday they brought it back.  It looks great.  You can't tell there was a scuff.  I'm very happy!!!

The remodel is just about over.  I'm so ready for things to be orderly again.  My house is never neat as pin, but I always know where everything is.  Well as things are right now..  I don't feel like I know where things are!!  Well I'm going to rest up for another big day!!

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