Monday, February 22, 2010

Target Clearance Schedule

There is Targets Clearance Schedule.

Target markdown schedule:
MONDAY- kids clothes, electronics
TUESDAY- women's clothes, domestics
WEDNESDAY- men's clothes, toys, health and beauty
THURSDAY- lingerie, shoes, housewares, sporting goods
FRIDAY- cosmetics, hardware, auto, jewelry. 

If you waiting for a certain item to go on clearance, this schedule can help you be there are the right time.  That is one thing about Target, they have great clearance!!!!  

Seasonal items don't use this schedule.  For example if Valentines Day is on Sunday then Monday everything Valentines will be 50%, they usually run 50% off for 2 days then it goes to 75%.  They run might run 75% off for a day or two and then it will go 90%.  They only run holiday 90% off for one day.  

Always always price scan items to check the price.  Sometimes a clearance sign will say 30% but the items are actually 50% off. 

Another tidbit...  Target is price matching other store ads again!!  For a few years they didn't price match, however back in November or December they started again.  That is a nice service!!

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