Thursday, February 25, 2010


The carpet is in.  I very unhappy with it and the distributor is coming to look at it.  Here's what it looks like

Do you see the problem?  They delivered one large piece of carpet and they had to put a seam near the front window (which the old carpet was the same way...with no issues).  It was cut from the same piece.  The installer said it was a manufacturer flaw.  But I have my doubts, I think he put the seamed piece in the wrong direction.  Yes this carpet doesn't have a pattern, but it does have a direction (it's Berber).  I'm so upset, I was crying.  First the carpet install job was taking too long.  We had the old carpet and pad tore out and vacuumed.  The job was only the living room and the hall.  It took 6 hours.  I think that is a long time.  I was anxious to get the stuff back.  Then the installer came to tell me about the flaw.  That just took me over the edge.  I talked to the store and they are sending a rep out, however they don't know when.  I really don't care whose fault it is.  I want it fixed and I want it fixed now.  I want to get my life back.  I know they will have to replace the carpet.  There is nothing they can do to fix it.  So why don't they replace it and then figure out whose at fault.  I had to move most the stuff back in to the living room.  That means I will have moved the computer 3 times.  I won't bring the new TV in and set it up if we have to move it again.  Plus every time we move this stuff we are taking a chance of scratching the floor, woodwork and messing up the new paint.  Not to mention dropping something and breaking it.  This upsets me.  So now my life at home is on hold for who knows the length of time.  After all this I just can't say how nice it is.  I wanted that special feeling of how nice it is all done and I don't have it.  Now when someone comes in and they say oh it looks beautiful..  I just groan.  That's not fair to me I wanted that "it's all done" and "it's beautiful" feeling.  I spent a lot of money on this project and now it won't look or be complete for a unknown time.  I'm sure being sick has a bit to do with my disappointment.  But I really really wanted this done so I could get everything back where it belongs. 

So I had Quartz, Back Splash, Floor Tile and Carpet installed, that's 4 different projects and 2 of the 4 had problems.  Can you imagine if we were building a whole house, what it would have been like.  We did our own contracting when we build this house.  I don't remember this many issues.  I know we had issues but not like this.  I remember 2 issues that we had.  One was they installed the wrong patio door.  The opening door was suppose to be on the left, but they installed it to open from the right.  Which I could live with.  The other was the crown molding on the top of the cabinets were in stalled upside down.  That was also no big deal, I'm the only person that knows that... well now you do to.  But you can't tell when you see it.  I can live with unnoticeable flubs, but this I can't.   And the way it looks it isn't going to be fixed quickly.  Grrr!!  I'm done ranting.  

I don't know when I will post before and after photos. 

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