Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antivirus Soft Malware

Antivirus Soft is a Malware.  My hubby's laptop got it Sunday Night.  I worked on it for 5 hours on Sunday night and then again for 6 hours on Monday to rid the laptop of this.  It's similar to Security Tool, but Antivirus Soft tricker  it changes the proxy so you can't download updates even after you shut it down.
Solution as follows:  First turn off the computer, start it back up, at start up go to task manager.  Do this quickly before Antivirus Soft loads or you won't be able to open task manager.  To open task manager hit CTRL, ALT and DELETE all at the same time.  Click on processes.  Then you have to figure out which one is Antivirus Soft.  Mine was urbssftav, look for tav at the ending.  What I did was hit mem usage, this will put the biggest running programs high on the list.  urbssftav was the third on my list.  Click on it to high light and then click end processes.  This will shut it down, but it's not gone.  You need to download, update and run Malwarebytes program, it's free.  Malwarebytes  Ok you might be able to surf and download the program.  But you need to update it to get the spyware off your computer.  Now if you can't download the update this is what you have to do.  On any web page (must be using an Internet Explore page) go to Tools, Internet Options and click on Connections tab, click on ok.  Then on next pop up click on LAN Settings, next pop up uncheck Use a proxy for your LAN, then click ok.  Now you should be able to download the much needed update from Malwarebytes.  After you have updated do a quick scan.  It should find 3 to 5 infects.  Once you have found them, make sure all are check marked and click remove selected.  You are then clean of the malware.  If you can not into task manager or if none of this works restart your computer in safe mode.  To do this restart your computer, at first sign the computer is loading start to tap F8 on your keyboard.  It will start up looking different and it might scare you a little but it will be alright.  The computer will take you to a black page with Safe Mode high lighted, but you want Safe Mode Networking high lighted.  Use your arrows on your keyboard to move down to Safe Mode with Networking, then click enter on your keyboard.  This will then take you to your desk top.  It will look different the icons will be bigger and the background will be blue.  Thats good.  Safe Mode is your computer with only bare bones software loaded.  Now do all the things I talked about above except don't go into your task manger.  You won't need to shut down Antivirus Soft because it didn't load in Safe Mode.  Now you can surf to Malwarebyes, but you might still need to uncheck the Lan settings to get the update to download. Good Luck!

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