Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Venison Bacon

A friend of my son's bought a old van, to be used for ice fishing.  In Wisconsin we buy old vehicles and cut holes in the floor to use while ice fishing.  Anyway, this old van appeared in a shop driveway back in September.  I asked my son where it came from he said that his friend just bought it and didn't have a place to park it.  Well I"m thinking why here in my driveway!!!!  We have enough of our own rusty junk!!!  Anyway it sat there for months and recently it disappeared.  I asked my son about it and he said his friend picked it up!!  Alright, it was a good day!!!  Well the next time, by hubby went down to the shop there sat a box of 4 beef steaks, a package of venison hot sticks, 6 venison hamburgers and a package of venison bacon.  These where all frozen and they stayed frozen in a cold weather this time of year.  Kind of surprised a animal didn't get into the box.  But they didn't.  Well hubby put the box in our freezer...  it was a surprise to me to open the freezer to find a box of meat.  Again I went to my son, asking him where that came from.  It was a mystery to him, put my hubby speaks up and says I found it by the shop!!  A short time later my sons friend with the van called him and said that he left the meat!!  So we had steaks one night, they were excellent.  Then the other night I made venison bacon cheeseburgers (venison of course).  The hamburgers didn't taste like much but the bacon was excellent!!!  Very good.   I never had venison bacon.  Next time we get a deer and have it processed I'm getting bacon done too!!  Hubby took the hot sticks Sturgeon fishing last week, so I didn't get a chance to try those.  But all the meat is gone and so is the van!!  Hopefully when the ice melts the van doesn't appear again in the driveway!!

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