Monday, February 22, 2010

Today the Alterna Tiles Installation

Today the kitchen floor installation will start.  Yesterday Hubby and I did all the requirements for preparing for the flooring.  We moving everything out of the kitchen and bathroom/laundry room.  Hubby took off the vinyl coving that was under the cabinets, removed the toilet and all woodwork that lines the floor.  I took everything out of the closets, while my daughter painted the insides of the closets.  Boy painting becomes so much easier when there isn't woodwork to tape off.  I washed the heating vent covers, vacuumed out everywhere that I could under the refrigerator.  The refrigerator was packed with dust bunnies...  how in the world did that still run????   Hard to believe how much work is involved with this project.  We didn't remove the carpet yet.  I hope all goes well with the tile installation.  Hubby will be here to over see the project.  What a relief for me!!  The tile installation should take 2 days.  I will update then!!

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