Friday, February 19, 2010

Will Shelby get loose today?

The last 2 Friday's Shelby has found a way to get loose.  First Friday she broke her collar and last Friday she broke loose from her anchor. She is now anchored to the wall in the garage.  Hubby put a 3 inch long eye bolt into the stud in the garage.  So what else can she break to get loose??  The first time she was loose for 3 hours and she didn't have her tags because they were still attached to the broken collar.  But she did finally came when hubby whistled.   The last time she was loose she had her collar, but she also had the 20 foot plastic covered wire rope attached.  She was found 5 hours later in a neighbors barn wrapped around a combine.  She is not happy about being caught in the barn.  I would not give her any sympathy.  She knows better.  Every time I would look at her she would hang her head.  "Yes, you were a bad girl".   I swear I will never get another dog with even an ounce of Husky blood in it!!!  Every one said that Husky's like to run, but I thought I knew better because she only is a quarter Husky.   I know that a fenced in kennel with a concrete run would keep her home.  But I really don't feel as though that's a good life for a dog.  A fenced in backyard wouldn't keep her home because she would dig her way out.  We have a shocker collar for her and the stock doesn't stop her.  So a underground or wireless fence wouldn't stop her.  So I guess we and the neighborhood are going to have deal with her adventures!!
"Bring it On"

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