Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Waiting for the Carpet Installer

The carpet installer said that he would be here between 8:30 and 10:00 so here I wait.  When they get here, I have to call my mom.  So she can come and get Henry.  He has been sneaking out of the house when the door is open.  So he will spend time with mom and Ford (her little dog).  I hope they get here soon.  I'm just so anxious to get my house back in order and get my desk top computer set back up.  I miss my computer, I don't care for the laptop.  I have so much to do today.

While the installers are here I'm going to make a list of all the places I have to stop when I go shopping.  I have not shopped at all this week.  Wednesday is my usual day to shop, well I couldn't go yesterday and well I felt horrible with this cold that I have.  I feel slightly better today.  I have a set of Sunday Coupon inserts from mom that I have to cut and file.

Once the carpet is in, then Son and I will put back the furniture.

I have to pick up my daughter, she has a half a day of school.  After school she will be going with her friends to the coffee shop to hang out.  So I will do my Kaukauna Shopping, Library and pick her up.  When we get home I will reorganize the hall closet.  Everything that DOESN'T belong in my bedroom will be put back where it belongs.  It's scary in there when it dark, I only have narrow path to the bed.  Set up the my desktop again.  Tomorrow I will do my Darboy shopping.  I have 4 bags of Goodwill stuff.... of course that is a nice excuse to stop in there and see if there are any treasures that I need to take home!!!   I took the hard drive out of mom's old computer, so I have to stop at Best Buy to recycle that.   

I'm really ready for the Rummage Sale season to start again.  I looked on craigslist for any listings for sales and there aren't any in my area.  Pooh!!  I have been doing my thrift shopping lately because I need my good deal fix!!!  I can't believe how many thrift stores are opening all the time!!  I like it, however I worry that people will be donating all their treasures to the thrift shops instead of having Rummages Sales.  We have had a very mild winter, hopefully Spring will come early and so will the Rummage Sales.  Prices at Rummage Sales all typically better then Thrift Shops.

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