Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything is Scheduled

The Quartz will be installed on the 16th, the tiler for the back splash, sometime between the 16th and the 22nd.  The kitchen floor on the 22 and 23rd.  And the carpet on the 25th.  Then finally the TV will be in after that!!  I can't wait.  I will post before and after photos when everything is in!!!

The tile was surprisingly easy to pick out.  I went to  Lowes and they had 2 different color 6x6 tiles, a dark tan and a light tan.  So it will be light tan angled with one row of dark.  Then by the cooktop there will be one decorative tile.  I didn't want something extreme, because I was afraid I would tire of it fast and it would get dated.  So I went simple but different.   When I looked at the tile I picked these 2 colors sat down on the floor and started a pattern.  I really liked it, it was the first and only pattern I put together.  I then went looking for the sales person.  She came to help me figure out how many tiles I would need.  The first thing she said when she looked at what I had put together was "I can't believe no one has done this pattern before"  She really liked it and hadn't seen anyone do this pattern before. 

Love the dishwasher!!  Only one thing has come out dirty so far and that was a noodle stuck to a kettle. I think thats great!!!  I have put some dried on sauces in there and it's come out clean!!!  Yesterday I did have a broken glass.  Not sure what happen with that.   I'm thinking I didn't load it correctly.  It was a weird break.  A big chunk broke, it didn't shatter.  It was the top of the glass, which was upside down in the rack, so it really couldn't hit something else.  Maybe it was just a weak glass.

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