Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Cleaning Out My Recipe Book Drawer

Tomorrow the Quartz counter top  will be installed.  So I'm cleaning out drawers.  Well I had all drawers cleaned out except for the junk drawer and the recipe drawer.  Those are the two drawers that I didn't want to clean out because they were terrible messy and stuffed full!!  I was in the throw away mood so a lot of junk was thrown away.  The recipe drawer was so full that I couldn't get it shut.  I didn't even have all my most used cookbooks in there.  So I'm selling many of my cookbooks in my store.  I love cookbooks, specially vintage! I will buy them just to look through them and then sell them.  I don't experiment with a lot of recipes.  I love it when I find someone hand written recipe tucked in a cookbook.  Most times I will leave them in the cookbook when I sell them, so the next owner can enjoy them too!!  I have listed a cookbooks few in my store, but there will be more to come.  I have many community, fundraiser type to sell... so keep checking back to my store Different Things

Tomorrow the counter tops will be in and we will be one more step to being done!!  Can't wait.  I want my house back in order!!  Sometime this week the tile for the back splash will be install and then next week the floors!!  I will post pictures when it's all done!!

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