Friday, October 8, 2010

BJ and the Bear Greg Evigan

bAre you old enough to remember BJ and the Bear.  It was about a trucker and his chimp called Bear.  It was broad casted in the 1970's.  There was always a caper that needed to be solved, sexy women to rescue and bear was always in the right place and the right time to help.  I know cheesy, but I keep thinking about it and would love to watch some the episodes.  However it has not been released on DVD and the last time I looked I couldn't find any full episodes online.

But hey I always have this...

Greg's still hot after all these years.  This photo was taken in Iola WI in 2008 at the Carshow.  You are asking why he is at the carshow.  It's because of the semi he drove was restored and was on tour.

You might be saying he looks like the guy from the TV show My Two Dads, a show from the 1980's.  You would be right.  I liked that show too.  I just checked and my library system doesn't have that show.  At least I can buy it.  Not like BJ and the Bear,  Judging Amy, Third Watch Season 3 through season 6 and Party of Five from season 4 through 6. Are still not completely released.  Judging Amy hasn't had any of the seasons released yet.  I understand it has something to do with the music rights used in the show.  They are not released online so I can't watch them at all.   And the others are very slow to release the complete series.  I don't understand why. 

I'm very disappointed in CBS, they don't show full episodes on their website.  Usually this doesn't matter to me.  But it's nice if I miss a show on ABC I can go to their website and watch it.  Well I watch all three of the CSI's.  I have been watching since day one of Las Vegas.  Well Miami was on Mondays and New York was on Wednesday's which is perfect for me because I rarely work on these days and there are broadcasted in the slot before the late news.  So I get to see the shows most of the time.  WELL some brilliant broad caster decided to move NY to Friday night and Miami to Sunday nights.  I work most every Friday and Sunday nights, so I will be missing them.  Which upsets me, there are so very little programing I actually like.  Now there are 2 less shows I will not be watching regularly.  Why would CBS move 2 popular shows to nights that are not the highest rated nights???  Are they trying to kill these 2 shows??  Early summer I saw the previews for Blue Bloods on CBS and I was excited because I really like Tom Selleck.  Come to find out the time slot if Friday night, so count me out for watching that show regularly too.  I also was disappointed in CBS for canceling Cold Case.  It was on Sunday's nights and every chance I got I would watch it.  They canceled after the season finale was broad casted, so the ending was left up in the air with the season finale.  No series finale.   I wanted to rewatch the finale and I couldn't because they don't have full episodes on their website.  Grr.  So anyway, hubby is working over time and I'm off tonight so I was home to watch Blue Bloods and CSI NY.  I like Blue Bloods wish I could watch it every week.  And what happened to Stella on CSI NY?  Why is she not on the show any more?  Her replacement is Sela Ward, I like Sela Ward, but she is more of mom figure then a science geek/cop.  I really liked Stella, I can't remember her real name, but she will be missed... when I get to see the show.  

Your asking why don't I record it.  My DVD player doesn't record and we don't have a DVR.  I do have a TV tuner on my computer with a digital converter BUT now that the TV shows are in HD the sizes of shows are huge and take up so much of my hard drive.  I have a big hard drive but I have a hard time watching recorded TV before the next weeks show that they build up in my TV folder and it fills my hard drive so thats not working for me either.

Right now I'm watching Party of Five series, this show was broadcasted in the late 1990's and ran for 6 seasons.  The first 3 seasons are released on DVD.  The other 3 seasons don't have release dates yet.   But season 4 and 5 are online.  I couldn't find season 6.  The show is about 5 children ranging from 24, 15, 16, 11 year olds and a  new born.  They are lead by their 24 year brother who knows what he wants to do in his life however is held back time after time by his brothers and sisters whom he is their guardian.  Many of the situations are very real and are dealt with in real life ways, however they are times later in the seasons were the situations and the solutions are not in the real world. However by that time you are invested in each character, which keeps you watching.  It's weird to see Jack from Lost being Charlie in Party of five!!!  It's strange to see the other characters calling Jack, Charlie!  When Party of Five started Neve Campbell 21 who played Julia 15.  Scott Wolf was 26 and played Bailey 16.  Matthew Fox was 28 and played Charlie 24.  I couldn't believe Scott and Neve played such younger characters, they did a great job looking that young and their acting was spotless.  I can't believe how many guest stars on there went on to much better parts.  Hyde from Thats 70'a show, 2 actors from ER, and even Kate Hudson.   Even Carroll O Connor, he played Archie Bunker on All in the Family and was on the show In the Heat of the Night.  There were many more but I didn't keep track and my mind is drawing a blank.  I can't wait to see who else shows up on the show. 

I know it seems like I watch alot of TV which I don't.  However when I have the DVD seasons from the library I have the TV on playing these shows continuously because I only have a week to watch a whole season before it has to go back.  So it's playing however I'm not watching...  I'm listening when I'm cooking, cleaning, couponing, blogging, doing wash and working on ebay.  So yeah I might be missing some episodes doing it that way, but I only have a week loan from the library.  Well now you know about my TV watching habits.  I know you were dying to know!!  LOL

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