Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Of course Nicci's first homecoming happened last week too.  So there were outfits to put together and school activities to go to etc...  Crazy week!!  
 This is the back of the Homecoming T-shirt.  See the ghost and the bird bath, my daughter created this!!!  I'm so proud of her.  Our school is the ghosts and the team they were playing were the cardinals.  The ultimate bird bath... get it.  By the way sadly they did lose the game... 
The T-shirts are produced by the Graphic Arts after school organization.
Isn't my baby grown up??  The dress and shoes were less then $50!  Nope none of it was preowned, just on sale. The next dance is the Winter Formal and she already has her dress for that and it is preowned.  I'm so proud of her because she is willing to go preowned for formal wear!  Way to go Nicci.

After the football game one of Nicci's friends had a sleep over and then after the dance on Saturday I hosted the sleep over.  It was so cool to listen to the girls after the dance!  How it brought back memories of when I was in school.

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