Friday, October 29, 2010

Nicci's Halloween Party 2010

Nicci' had her party last night.  We worked the entire day on the party.  First we cleaned, removed alot of unneeded stuff from the garage and then decorated. 

Then we worked on the food and carved one pumpkin.

I made chocolate cupcakes (Duncan Hines) and home made butter cream frosting.  There were so good.  Punch and Taco dip.  There also lots and lots of candy, Sponge Bob Cheese Nips, carrots and celery.  The food is sitting on our work bench.  The benches are covered with 2 black sheets that reach to the floor, so I can hide stuff under neath.  The little dots on the "table cloth" (sheets) are orange paper punches and white wolf paper punches.  There are frozen pumpkin and bat plastic ice cubes floating in the punch.  The punch is random juices, 7-up and 50/50 soda.  

Nicci is the one the floor, she is a rag doll.  This photo is taken before everyone had arrive.  However these are her closest friends.  They all looked great and they all had a great time!!!

 Glow light tree!!  I hooked them on a black feather tree.  If any of our guests wanted one they picked one off the tree and cracked to light it!!  It was very cool.
"can you see it??"

Happy Halloween!!!

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