Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rummage Sale

The rummage sale was at my aunt and uncles home in a near by town.  Since mom and I both live in the country and have sales here don't do well we take everything over there for their sale.

I put the ad on Craigslist and then I took the higher price things and posted those things individually with the address of the rummage sale.  I think it worked.  All high priced items sold except for my desk.  

Believe me Craigslist ads works.  We had a guy stop Thursday morning that read about the sale on Craigslist, he bought $400 worth of stuff.  Mostly the vintage antiquey stuff.  His truck was full.  He made offers on entire tables of stuff!!  It was awesome and a bit strange.  But hey if he wanted it I didn't have a problem.  He said that he was selling on ebay.  We didn't tell him that we all sell on ebay and most of the items he was buying were already tried on ebay.  Was that not the right things to do???  This was the first full day of selling and we gave him deals, I guess I don't feel bad because he could see what he was buying.  Anyway give me your thoughts??  Back to the sale, of course since this guy bought entire tables and it was only Thursday morning we had to back home to get more stuff.  We sold so much stuff it was crazy.  I made $400 in all 4 days and our over all sales were $1,500. 
We used 27 tables for this sale!!  
We still had a truck load of stuff that went to the Thrift Shop.  

First trip to my aunts I bought 12 totes of stuff and a some things that didn't fit in totes. Then I came home for 4 more totes of stuff on Thursday and Friday.   I brought home 5 loosely packed totes of stuff.

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