Friday, October 8, 2010

My New Camera Sony Cyber Shot H 55

Yesterday I was taking pictures for ebay and my camera wasn't taking good pictures..  Everything was coming out blurry.  I had noticed this  the last week or two that taking photos at night was getting harder to get a clear shot.  Well yesterday none of the pictures were clear, even during the day.  So I took my items outside since it's to nice and the sun is out.  Well, that didn't work all the pictures from outside were white.  I couldn't see even a shadow of the item.  So I jumped in the van and went right to Best Buy and bought a new camera.  They had plenty of cameras on clearance but I wanted the best camera for night shots.  I'm so sick of retakes for ebay and when I have an event at night the pictures were not turning out.  So I bought the top of the line Sony Point and Shoot that Best Buy had.  The price was $229 but it came with a extra battery, 4G memory card and a case.  This stuff was a $55 value.  Nothing wrong with that.  I had $125 in Best Buy rewards from my credit card I put the balance on my card so I will get 4 points per dollar.  Yea!  I might have gotten a better deal online somewhere, but I needed a camera last night.  My daughters camera died a month ago or so, so I couldn't use hers and I wanted to work on ebay...  but I needed a camera.  I was very very sad to say good bye to my old camera, we have been together through it all...  We started together on ebay together and through how many Christmas's birthdays etc.. 

Good Bye old friend

Hello New Friend

Sony Cybershot H55
I will do a better or a full review on this camera once I get used to it.  But these are my reasons for buying this camera.  The shutter speed is fast which helps with action and night time photos.  The night time photos are very important to me.  So far so good.  It comes with a rechargeable battery.  I liked my last camera because it has a similar set up and I it held a charge along time.  So that was the reason I like the battery it comes with, plus I got the bundle I mentioned before.   The battery door is sturdy and easy to use.  Not like the Easyshare camera's I hate the battery door, I feel like I'm going to break it off so that is why I didn't even consider the Easyshare cameras.  It has a 3 inch screen and it's a panoramic camera.  I haven't used that yet but it sounds really cool.  I have probably taken 50 photos on it so far and the only thing I found wrong with it is.  The handle strap gets in the picture.  I had never put my handle strap on my old camera so I'm not used to it.  So that and Henry getting his head my photos are the only reason I had to retake any of the photos so far.  Nothing really having to do with the camera.

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