Monday, October 18, 2010

Fridays Shopping

I went to the Piggly Wiggly to get the receipt straightened out.  They owed me $2.45.  See what happened is the person ahead of me used Food Stamps on their order and had $2.45 that wasn't covered by Food Stamps.  The cashier never charged that person the $2.45 so it was still owed and when I came through I was charged the $2.45 and my stuff was on their receipt.  It truly was the strangest thing. but it's straightened out and my credit shouldn't be charged anything but what I owed.

I stopped again at Walgreens and picked up Crest Pro Health $.99 after Register Rewards and I used $1/1 coupon from Sunday inserts.  Noxzema razors $.99 after Register Rewards and I used $1/1 coupon from Sunday inserts.  Then after I bought the first one there was a $2 coupon inside the package, which I removed.  So I went back a few times.  I made $1 on each package using that coupon.  Right Guard was buy one get one free and I used a $3/2 coupon printed from so they were only $.50 each. 

I received my coupons from  so I had 10 $1/1 Mentos gum.  So I stopped at Pick N Save because they had them on sale for $1.  I walked in and saw they had 6 pack bottles of Roundy's soda for $.99!!!  So I picked up 3 6 packs of Rootbeer.

I stopped at Festival Foods for Mt Dew 6 pack of big bottles for $1.98.  Nestle fun size $1.88 and used $.50/2 coupon from a store display.  Lays chips $1.99 each.  Progresso soup $.99 used $1/4 coupons from Sunday inserts.  Cheese Nips $3/2 used $1/2 coupon from Sunday inserts.  Barq's 12 pack $1.98.  Old Orchard juices $.99.  7-up 2 liter bottles $.78 each.  Totino Pizzas $.88 used $1/5 coupons I printed from  Westpac frozen vegetables $.69 each.  Milk $.98.  Now that I'm looking at the receipt I see that I was over charged 2 bags of peas.  I will have to have that adjusted the next time I get to town.  I spent $42 and saved $52. 

I stopped at few rummage sales.  I only bought a few things and again I forgot to take photos.  I will try harder next time.

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