Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodwill Friends and Family Night

Remember these drawer storage carts that I replaced with chrome shelving.  Well 2 weeks ago I listed them on Craigslist all 11 for $40..  what a deal.  Of course they were gone the first day.  In the ad I stated I wanted to sell them all together for $40.  First email asked if I would take $30... what??  No, $40 was a great deal, plus it was the first day of the listing.  Then the second email was are you willing to separate them.... What??  Can't they read??  No!  I was getting discouraged.  I know they can read, but it didn't seem like it.  The third email was a winner.  They came took them all and gave me 2 twenty dollar bills.  Bless you and thank you!  These people were so nice, we stood outside and talked for quite awhile.  Their 3 children all have disabilities and one works at Goodwill.  We talked in length about that and other area Thrift Shops.  Of course Goodwill is the best of all the stores for preowned clothes and this couple offered me a pass for Goodwill Friends and Family's.  Of course if I wasn't working I wanted to go.  So after all the Rummage Sale this weekend we ended it with a trip to Goodwill.  Actually the end of the day was a stop at A&W for a free Root Beer Frenzy. (it was ok, I don't think it tastes much like Root Beer) I had coupons from the Newspaper ad.  Anyway back to Goodwill Friends and Family, I got 15 pieces of clothing and a few other items for $48!!!  That was 3 tightly packed bags.  I got name brand jeans for Nicci, my son and I.  Plus a few tops.  I love name brand preowned clothes.  I had fun.  No pics of what we bought.  I was tired after all that and yesterday I threw everything in the wash....  Next time I will try hard to remember to take pictures.

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