Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have sold so many things this week.  I'm having a hard time keeping track, but I think I'm doing it.  I took a bunch of stuff out of my store which had been in there for over a year.  Those things I took to the rummage sale.  Only a few of those things didn't sell and will go back in the store.  So I have been deleting things right and left.  I also have had quite a few things sell out of my store too.  I love it!!  Plus I have been selling things on ebay.  Today when I sat down with my blog and scanned the last things I talked about I saw photos of stuff that I have already sold.  So things that you see available might not be any more.  But I will be listing more stuff this week.  Don't worry I have plenty of new stuff to put in my store.

This was going to be listed on ebay...

Isn't he adorable... scary!  However I can't find a shipping box.  I went through my boxes and nothing big enough.  Then I went to my moms huge stash of boxes and I found one that would work.   So I got busy and started a listing on ebay and got to the part shipping part and things fell apart.  The box was only a few inches bigger then the blowmold, however the shipping for this item in that box would have been $96!!!!  NO kidding.  I was shocked, I mean shocked.  Ok, no way will that sell with that shipping.  So I played with the shipping calculator and if the box was 2 smaller the shipping would be less then $20 depending on where it was shipped to.  I can't cut down this box.  I have to find a new one some where.  I had to be exact or it won't work.  Well wish me luck, I only have a week or 2 to find one or it will be to late for the auction to run and have it arrive on time for Halloween!!  

This week should be getting back to normal.  My posts should even out.  Take care until next time!

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